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A Swedish boktok

"Boktok" is a made up Swedish word for "crazy book lover". A love for books that goes beyond all logic. A love that, actually, cannot be described. Yup. That's me. Boktok. And proud of it.

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American Gods
Neil Gaiman
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"Döden lutar sig
över mig, ett schackproblem.
Och har lösningen.

(Tomas Tranströmer.)


"Messy Bessie intervened with, ‘I was innocent once. But it didn’t do me any good. Then I found out what I was doing wrong."

(Terry Pratchett, Dodger, 2012)

"- I think there are several aspects of our marriage we’re going to have to work on.
- Babes, he told her. You’re dead.
- That’s one of those aspects, obviously.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman